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These alternatives may not necessarily have a lot of characters, but are probably more adaptable to use in more situations. What typeface would you like to see the alternative of? Use Avenir when your job calls for a more versatile, toned-down geometric sans. Also available in an alternate version with more subtle construction principles. Fedra Sans Book Italic Expert.

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Gotham Ah, Gotham, the vernacular, everyman sans serif. Fedra Sans Cond Pro Typotheque. Caputby Fontfarm.

Fedra Sans Std Normal

Fedra Fedra sans std Pro Typotheque. The Bryant Condensed family has the width of a grotesque, and would make a fine contemporary substitute for fonts like Benton Sans. Use Xtra sans if you want to convey a fedra sans std yet contemporary quality to your design. See preview fedra sans std medium font and download this cool font for free.

Using the sans and serif font side by side guarantees headline and body type that aligns well with each other, and can greatly reduce your font matching headache. Vegan Sans Superior Type. All the letters in Fedra Mono share the same width, making the typeface suitable for tabular setting in layouts that benefit from the vertical alignment of characters. In brief Fedra Sans is a multilingual contemporary sans serif typeface developed for visual identities, designed to work equally well on paper and on the computer screen.


Sams Puristaby Suitcase Type Foundry, is yet another approach to this category. Fedra Sans Std Book But for now, I hope that zans learn a thing or two about fedra sans std, font classifications and foundries fddra designed them.

At bigger sizes, its calligraphic details gives it enough character to stand on its own. Skolar Sans Latin Rosetta. Fedra Sans is a contemporary sans serif, highly legible, font developed for branding, What typeface would you like to see the alternative of? You can also downloads other fonts: At smaller sizes, the generous counterspace makes this font readable.

Linotype Originals Library Linotype. This font combines the sturdiness and compactness of a grotesk the same category that I mentioned before with strong broad-nib pen strokes.

Fedra Sans Arm Book Free Font

Clara Sans Signature Type Foundry. This allowed to change the spacing and kerning of the characters, based fedra sans std the assumption that they would be used in larger sizes.

It takes the literal definition of a proper square sans like Eurostile and gives this model even more geometric quality, as well as weight levels, to make it versatile. Trade Gothic Roman Linotype. Fedra Mono Fedra Mono was developed for an annual report that required a fixedwidth counterpart to Fedra Sans. The design is based sasn Finnish highway typeface.


Stag Sansby Christian Schwartz. Neutraface, which comes in display and text flavors, was inspired by signage with linear, geometric construction found on commercial buildings designed by Richard Neutra. Fedra Display was designed in collaboration with Dutch type designer Pieter van Rosmalen. Regional Characteristics of Typefaces, From French, English to Catalan And Everything Inbetween But for now, I hope that you learn a thing or two about fonts, font fedra sans std and foundries that designed them.

On most days, you can find him planningorganizing and reporting events of this nature. Richmondby Jim Parkinson. Relato sansby Ricardo Santos Eduardo Manso. Neutrafaceby House Industries.