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There are four kind of formations in the game: I played the heck out of this game when I was younger. But then, i only played Scenarios, and never the campaign: I have the translated modded version; I would love to own a GOG version.

Imperivm: Great Battles of Rome for PC Reviews – Metacritic

In addition, heroes arrange armies in specific formations that provide their units with an additional bonus when executing the stand ground command. Remote units with different scopes: Not all units can carry the same maximum amount of food.

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Imperium: Great Battles of Rome Windows game

By grouping two or more Generals the size of an army can be effectively increased. Imperivm great battles of rome Great Battles of Rome: However the quality isn’t on par with the original. Usually the maximum number of units on an army is limited to 50 but in the case of Republican Rome this cap can be pushed up to These population centers produce food at a constant rate.

This wish is a spam. I have awesome news for you! View All Top Games. Be involved with some major civilizations – from the Romans to the Carthaginians to the Guals to the Iberians to the Britons to the Egyptians or Germans. Rank 1, of 57, Excellent game, with a almost flawless AI.

Imperivm: Great Battles of Rome

Start a New Discussion. Archived from the original PDF on 24 August The game focuses on tactics, troop mobility and terrain topography rather than sheer strength of numbers for winning battles.

Tropico 5 Real Time Strategy. Each gives different bonus. Sign in Create account Sign in. Still playing it on my laptop. If you want to participate as beta tester, you only have to write an email to: Archived from the original PDF on 19 September Campaigning Troops can be supplied from these places though is much more useful to use scorched earth tactics to avoid defending a counterattack if the village is at the very end of the supply lines.


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I’d really love to see other games from the kinda-same brand with more nations. Connect achievements to steam! I’ve been looking for this game for ages. Real-time strategyReal-time tactics.