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overlord momonga

Ainz reveals that his whole scheme was to test the power that the Slane Theocracy’s men had, and that he was using Gazef to do so. Entoma informs Lord Ainz, who views the situation with the Battle as unexpected. Did the human body of Momonga transform itself into his character in the game? This section is empty. I read on the wiki that because of his class choice Momonga couldn’t focus entirely on combat magic.

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Second, a piercing weapon was used to kill the Swords. Ainz was transported to a new world, some say he was transported because of wild magic, but the wild magic for some reason believed his avatar was his real body. Momonga is enraged about his friends leaving the game, but cools down after noting that they didn’t abandon the guild – it was that they had real life issues to deal with.

The Lizardmen put up a moderate resistance, until the five Chiefs use their Magic Caster abilities to quickly summon Swamp Elementals.

Momonga “Ainz Ooal Gown, Momon”

Ok, now i think the world this anime took place is a real world, but i’m still not sure if his original body was transformed to this skeleton or only his soul “possessed” this skeleton and his real body is still in the other world. When the game was copied, it was copied complete with the popular dungeons, like Nazarick.

She tries to follow him, but encounters Adventurers, who are there to fight the Bandits. Foresight is teleported to the 6th Floor Arena, where they are introduced as invaders and will be facing Ainz himself.


Momonga (Overlord) –

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Lupusregina states that Sebas’ heart may have been in chaos, but he’s desperately trying to hold himself together, though the others doubt it.

Herohero bids farewell to Momonga and logs out. I think i’ve got the solution. However the troll catches on and Nfirea tells Enri to run for help and confesses his love to her. The inofficial number 42 by CeresOktavia Fandoms: He discovers, to his astonishment, that the NPCs have developed their own personalities and can be directly communicated with as if they were humans.

With the Lizardmen victorious in the battle, Cocytus must answer to Ainz. Mass for the Dead. Jircniv realizes that Fluder Paradyne has actual been working with Ainz the entire time, and has betrayed him; This is confirmed in a flashback, where Ainz has revealed his true power to Fluder, who in turn pledges his undying loyalty to Ainz, in exchange for giving Fluder the opportunity to “peer into the abyss of magic”.

As the fight proceeds, Momon immediately breaks formation and instantly bifurcates several ogres to the shock of the Swords of Darkness. I think that one chick who can see mana puked once she realized what she was dealing with, right? Isn’t he actually super strong because he unlocked the hidden Eclipse class? Gazef requests the king to do as Ainz asks, claiming fighting Ainz would be a terrible idea, but the King refuses as doing so would be a sign of weakness and he cannot afford to show weakness when the Royal Faction in Re-Estize has begun to grow in strength after the Jaldabaoth Incident.


The King and Nobles of the Kingdom are terrified at the result, and have no choice but to give up E-Rantel, as per Ainz’s demands. Guu’s attacks prove ineffective and Ainz neutralizes him and the remaining trolls and ogres. In an attempt to cheer him, Entoma takes out a cockroach, which frightens Cocytus. Brain, having witnessed this around the corner, is moved by Climb’s ability to overcome intense fear, and asks to also learn from Sebas.

Ainz is surprised, but theorizes that the horn in fact hides a true power that no one has unlocked, and that Enri somehow managed to unlock these conditions. Commanding and watching for those many days, ensuring any those with any ideas of raiding their dungeon. Sebas leaves with Tuare, but promises to return the debt he owes to Climb and Brian for their assistance in her rescue. In the Re-Estize Capital, Gazef Stronoff is with the King as the Counts of the Kingdom decide to bring the annual war to Baharuth, and the King apologizes for not having sent full support for the events of Carne Village.

Submit a new link. Gazef challenges Ainz, despite knowing that he has no chance of winning, and Ainz accepts the duel.

Why bother with the far future? Sebas sees Climb as trustworthy and gives him a lesson: Post as a guest Name. The two ‘ask’ for compensation for Sebas’ purchasing Tuare despite the Anti-Slave laws, so as to be pardoned for overloed ‘crime’.